Solving Wireless (In)security – Best Practices for Wireless Security

Financial institutions need to provide the same automated, continuous, and auditable levels of security to wireless networks as they do for wired-whether they’re managing a wireless network or not. The risks associated with wireless networks are diverse. And whether you’ve prohibited wireless access at your company, or have chosen to enable encrypted wireless access, you… Read More

Why Wireless Handheld Audits Do Not Equal Security

Executive Summary

Without a viable alternative, wireless security auditors had to conduct audits by traipsing around a facility with a handheld scanning device — a time consuming and labor intensive activity. That practice is plagued by many drawbacks that greatly limit the effectiveness and efficiency of wireless security audits. Even with expensive commercial products, handheld wireless audits are cumbersome and error-prone. The use of free scanning tools only exacerbates the problem. And the man-hours and travel expenses incurred per audit negatively impact productivity.
This paper describes a new hosted service architecture offered by AirTight Networks that enables effortless, automated wireless security audits from anywhere on the Internet, anytime. No more “walk arounds.” Plug-and-play wireless scanners onsite scan round-the-clock without human intervention, and securely communicate with a central server hosted on the Internet in a secure data center. The central server analyzes the data with an up-to-date wireless vulnerability database and assesses the wireless security posture or compliance of a network. Rich vulnerability assessment and compliance reports can be generated on demand with just a mouse click. Now finally, auditors can do a large number of wireless security audits accurately and cost-effectively in very little time.
AirTight Networks’ SpectraGuard® Online is the world’s first and only wireless vulnerability management offered as a hosted service. For wireless security auditors, SpectraGuard Online can bring:
• more revenue per customer;
• the ability to serve many more customers simultaneously; and
• low touch engagements.

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