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Defending Against Zero Day Attacks in WLANs

June 26th, 2009

Zero Day Attack is exotic name for hacks which will be realized in future and which we don’t know about today. Conventionally, it is believed that a zero day attack will create some anomaly in the network behavior and hence some form of anomaly detector can provide protection from zero day attacks. However, there have always been practical difficulties in implementing robust anomaly detector. Fortunately for 802.11 WLANs, there is also an alternative viable way to defend against zero day attacks.

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AirTight on “Cloud Nine”

June 20th, 2009

Devin Akin wrote a short post about AirTight SpectraGuard Online on CWNP.  He likes our hosted wireless IPS service and seems to think we are on to something!   Now how can I argue with the man.

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Using neighborhood wi-fi to get kids into the car

June 16th, 2009

My 12 yr old son was fiddling with his iTouch in the back seat of the car last week when it finally dawned on him that he could see several available wi-fi networks in our neighborhood from the front of the house . “Hey, I can connect to Marci’s wi-fi ! Can we sit in the driveway for a couple minutes so I can download some songs?” 

Hmm.. Maybe I can use this to my advantage to get the kids in the car so we can actually be someplace on time.  “Hey kids, better hurry, you only have 3 minutes to download songs before we go to the dentist.”

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Live Alerts: A Unique Addition to AirTight`s WIPS functionality

June 16th, 2009

Live Alerts helps system administrators to quickly identify the ongoing vulnerabilities and performance related issues in an enterprise Wi-Fi deployment.

Before Live Alerts, it was very difficult for an administrator to identify the ongoing threats from the list of reported threats/anomalies. However, with the introduction of Live Alerts, he can now easily distinguish and prioritize between ongoing and past threats/anomalies.


Realizing mobility advantages in businesses, Wi-Fi is increasingly being deployed in corporate premises. However, due to the nature of Wi-Fi technology, an administrator has to face certain security and performance challenges while managing the corporate Wi-Fi space.

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Voice Mobility powered by Wi-Fi Telephony

June 15th, 2009

Wi-Fi telephony is the upcoming technology that can be set up on existing enterprise Wi-Fi network and empowers enterprises with voice mobility benefits in an easy, scalable and cost-effective way.

Increased deployment of superior Wi-Fi networks to achieve wireless data access and increased adoption of VoIP technologies to make cost-effective calls has led the concept of Wi-Fi telephony to emerge in the recent years.

With Wi-Fi telephony in place, voice mobility can be achieved in an easy to use and inexpensive way. Voice mobility in general refers to flexibility for users to make telephone calls from any place within a premise. Enterprise premises empowered with voice mobility have more productive employees, increased employee convenience and improved business process resulting in faster decision making, increased responsiveness and greater overall productivity and efficiency. Read more…

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Number of antennas on AP – bellwethers of WLAN technology generation

June 10th, 2009

Early 802.11b APs used to have 1 antenna on them, which later became 2 in the 802.11g/a era, which now have become 3 or 6 in the current 802.11n era. So why do number of antennas keep changing as WLAN technology advances to every next generation.

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TKIP Primer on Security Tube

June 8th, 2009

Michael is the Message Integrity Code adapter by the TKIP standard. Michael is actually a weak code which uses simple additions and shift operation which are computationally less expensive, but strong enough as a intermediate solution from WEP. Michael was chosen as MIC in TKIP, so that the already deployed low end Access Points can also be software upgraded to TKIP without any hardware change. This video explains the working of MIC in TKIP.

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Is Obama Right – Cyber Security in Private Enterprise Is a Homeland Security Issue

June 1st, 2009

Do you believe that IT security in private enterprise is a national security issue? I do and would love to hear your thoughts. You might want to take a look at the Airport WiFi and Financial District wireless vulnerability studies that AirTight performed recently to see just how badly some organizations are following b est practices when it comes to wireless security.
It appears that in some quarters folks felt that the President did not tell us anything we did not know in his speech on Friday about cyber security.  I think we need to understand, however, that the key phrase there is “anything WE did not know.”  At times we who work in technology live in a bubble and assume that everyone understands what we understand.  But technology or cyber security is our business – it is not the core business of the financial institution, the hospital, the school, the utility etc. Read more…

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