WiFi Rogue AP: 5 Ways to (Mis)use It

Extended Ethernet Cable From Your Enterprise

  “The notion of a hard, crunchy exterior with a soft, chewy interior [Cheswick, 1990], only provides security if there is no way to get to the interior. Today, that may be unrealistic.”  — What Firewalls Cannot Do, Firewalls and Internet security   Rogue APs are Access Points (APs) that are deployed in an enterprise network… Read More

5 Wireless Intrusion Prevention Questions You Should Ask

In my previous blog post (5 Wireless Intrusion Detection Questions You Need to Worry About), I talked about the key questions that are related to the detection of Wireless (WiFi) based intrusions in your enterprise. Today, let’s turn the focus on to the other important aspect of WiFi security – Intrusion Prevention. Here are the… Read More

Wireless Challenges in Meeting Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards

North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has promulgated Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards for cyber security in electric power industry. A recent white paper in Automation World magazine brings out challenges faced in CIP implementation due to proliferation of wireless networking. The paper lays out various scenarios such as approved wireless use, inadvertent wireless use,… Read More