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WiFi Hots(Honey)pots Go Mobile

January 22nd, 2010

Are you already having trouble preventing your enterprise Wi-Fi clients from connecting to some of the existing public Wi-Fi networks (e.g., T-Mobile, Google WiFi)?


Mobile Hotspot with an option to create an Open Network

Mobile Hotspot with an option to create an Open Network


Guess what – the latest Palm Pre Plus or Pixi Plus can be converted into a cool mobile hotspot. One can easily roam around with this pocket hotspot. (

It is amazing as to how some of these cool technological advances can create new avenues for attacks. Suppose an employee or a visitor wishes to sneak-in a hotspot or a honeypot AP into your enterprise. If you are paraniod, you can possibly think of frisking him for an AP (before allowing him into your premises). But, can you go to the extent of preventing him from carrying a Palm into your enterprise?

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Wi-Fi Networks Open to Attacks

January 18th, 2010

Just how vulnerable are home WiFi networks? With the abundance of news stories about data privacy, hacking attacks, malware, phishing schemes, retail credit card breaches and the like, I am surprised to see such a large number of home users are still either unconcerned or unaware about securing their data. This video from Fox News, Washington DC shows that weak Wi-Fi security is still all too common in many home Wi-Fi networks.

AirTight Networks security analyst Rick Farina is featured showing how just easy it is for a hacker to find unsecured Wi-Fi in a residential neighborhood. Unfortunately, one thing that gets overlooked in these stories is just how often these same home Wi-Fi devices will show up in the corporate networks, unknowingly providing unecumbered access to sensitive data.

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