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Hilarious video with a somber message

February 24th, 2010

Much has been said about using ‘Best Practices’ alone to secure enterprise WiFi, including no-WiFi policy. However, as security experts will vouch, most breaches happen because of naive insiders.

Here is a hilarious video that demonstrates the lack of understanding out there regarding WiFi –

Imagine such a person as your employee and ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Can you expect all your employees to follow the prescribed WiFi best practices?
  2. Can you be confident that such a person will not connect to a neighboring hotspot, just because his or her desk has spotty WiFi coverage?
  3. Can you be certain that such a person will not bring in a ‘Linksys’ as advised by the radio host; and plug it into the ethernet under the desk and create a Rogue AP?
  4. Can you be certain that this person will not connect to both the WiFi and Ethernet at the same time while connected to the hotspot?

If these questions are hard to answer, you must consider Wireless Intrusion Prevention System!

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SIMFI: Convert your cell phone into a WiFi honeypot!

February 16th, 2010

My previous post “WiFi Hots(Honey)pots Go Mobile” ( talked about Palm Pre/Pixi Plus going the hot(honey)pot way.

SIMFI is equally cool – it can convert your cell phone into a hotspot. SIMFI is of the size of a SIM card and has WLAN modem built into it. It can be pretty much used with any phone. Check out .

I am looking forward to get my hands onto one of these.

So, looks people don’t need to carry APs anymore to mess around with enterprise security :)

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