Wireless Forensics: A Review from RSA Conference 2010


With more enterprises deploying wireless LANs and employee-owned WiFi devices flooding enterprises, wireless LAN forensics is becoming a key component of any network forensic audit — whether to prove compliance with a regulation such as PCI DSS or in response to a security incidence. But wireless presents unique challenges to forensic audits. Last month, at… Read More

Interference combat guide for WiFi networks: Part 1

Non-WiFi interference combat guide-1 thumbnail

We often hear that WiFi network performance degrades due to radio interference. We also hear that interference is a complex beast which cannot be easily tamed. There are two types of interference sources which affect WiFi network performance – non-WiFi sources and WiFi sources. This post provides a guide to some practical steps to combat often cited non-WiFi interference sources such as… Read More

AirTight satisfies PCI wireless scanning requirement in under 5 minutes

Wireless PCI Compliance in just 5 Minutes This new product video from AirTight Networks shows how easy it is to automate your wireless PCI vulnerability scanning. AirTight SpectraGuard Online can be configured and running in as little as 5 minutes and 3 easy steps. AirTight eliminates the need to send staff to remote locations with… Read More