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Network World: Gartner slams Cisco’s single vendor network vision

January 31st, 2011

I meant to publish something when I first saw this article in Network World.   Apparently Gartner debunks the myth that a single vendor network solution is more cost effective and easier to manage.   Pretty strong statement by Gartner and there were some pretty strong reactions if you look at the comments on the Network World site.

In a Wi-Fi world, I think Gartner’s analysis is especially true. With the availability of controller-less and cloud based Wi-Fi solutions, Cisco’s pricing and complexity is more than some are willing to accept.  Branch offices don’t need the same expensive Cisco WiFi infrastructure to support hot spot or in store WiFi applications.  And in Cisco’s case, even the first generation (or two)  of the “single vendor” approach is often a sum of parts collected in an M&A spree. Because nothing was really designed to work together in the first place, adding additional capabilities to the WLAN such as security, compliance scanning,  performance and disagnostics often requires another “box”, additional licenses, and lets not forget the maintenance. 

Sounds like Gartner touched a nerve. Maybe customers are tired of paying a premuim for something that requires even more  IT  resources to manage day-to-day?  Show me hard savings NOW.  Not some fuzzy ROI over the next couple years.

Love to hear what others think.

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The Cloud Provides CFO Friendly Wi-Fi

January 31st, 2011


Controller based WiFi architectures have been the standard for some time, but the advantages of the cloud appear to be a perfect fit for deploying a scalable, and more importantly, manageable WiFi infrastructure. Cloud based solutions are intended to drastically reduce the cost and complexity of delivering an enterprise solution. And WiFi should be no exception.

By now, you have discovered CFO’s like cloud computing. IT solutions that can be purchase as a cloud solution eliminate up front capital expenditures, depreciation, and product obsolescence.

Cloud solutions improve cash management because there is no need to write a big check all up front. Paying only for the capabilities you need, lowers your organizations financial risk. And the recurring (often monthly) operational costs of cloud based solutions provide easy to forecast and budget IT expenditures. Lastly, because deployment time and on-going operational overhead can be recognzed in weeks not months, results are easier to measure.

If you are considering a new WiFi deployment or are ready for a refresh, take a look at this video to see how AirTight’s Cloud Services can help.

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