Why retailers embrace cloud for Wi-Fi access, PCI and wireless security

In-Store Wi-Fi

Retailers are increasingly looking to deploy Wi-Fi in their stores. They want to provide guest Wi-Fi to their patrons and also want to deploy in-store applications such as wireless POS and printers, wireless kiosks, wireless digital signage, and HQ network access over Wi-Fi. Coupled with these business drivers there is also a wireless PCI compliance… Read More

Securing your network from bring-your-own-device (BYOD)


Managing BYOD in the enterprise is not a simple task. Encryption, MDM, virus protection etc. as mentioned in Ashley Furness’ post on the subject are all helpful, but preventing anauthorized devices or rogue APs from getting on your network at all is the real goal. WIPS is the perfect ally to all those tools.   Read more