Network troubleshooting in distributed Wi-Fi environments

Star of honor

Wi-Fi is installed after everything else in the network is already set up – switches, routers, servers, firewalls, VPNs etc. Naturally, customers rely on their Wi-Fi solution provider to alleviate any network problems that arise during the Wi-Fi deployments, even though the problems are not necessarily Wi-Fi specific. Network issues aren’t something new in any… Read More

Wi-Fi Speeds-n-Feeds Are So Old-school


Speed-n-feeds are not the future of enterprise Wi-Fi. Speed-n-feeds are like my grandmother’s potatoes. I’ll explain. Speed is a given. Speed is a commodity. This is what you talk about when you have nothing else to offer, such as system intelligence. Some companies keep trying to rehash the speeds-n-feeds story like my grandmother used to… Read More

Bang for the buck with explicit beam forming in 802.11ac

Bang for the buck with explicit beam forming in 802.11ac

  802.11ac has brought with it MIMO alphabet soup … spatial streams, space-time streams, explicit beam forming, CSD, MU-MIMO. Alphabet soup triggers questions to which curious mind seeks answers. This post is an attempt to explore some questions surrounding explicit beam forming (E-BF) that is available in Wave-1 of 802.11ac. E-BF is a mechanism to manipulate… Read More

Hunting down the cost factors in the cloud Wi-Fi management plane


Mature cloud Wi-Fi offerings have gone through few phases already. They started with bare-bones device configuration from the cloud console and over the years matured into meaty management plane for complete Wi-Fi access, security and complementary services in the cloud. Alongside these phases of evolution, optimizing the cost of operation of the cloud backend has always been important consideration. It is critical for cloud operators and… Read More

MU-MIMO: The path from standardization to implementation

Practical implementation aspects of MU-MIMO

In earlier blog posts on 802.11ac practical considerations, we reviewed 80 MHz channels, 256 QAM and 5 GHz migration. Continuing the 802.11ac insights series, in this post we will look at some practical aspects of MU-MIMO, which is the star attraction of the impending Wave-2 of 802.11ac.   MU-MIMO mechanics and 802.11ac standard   At a high level, MU-MIMO allows… Read More

Blackhat Wi-Fi Security Reports and Nuances of Detection Methods

blackhat USA 13

| Shortly following the conclusion of Blackhat’13, a few articles came out reporting wireless scanning data from the venue.   Inside the Black Hat 2013 Wi-Fi Network   Karma is a …Errr, What We Learned at BlackHat 2013    Both reports state that many security relevant events were detected in the Wi-Fi traffic during the… Read More

Get Soaked in the Future of Wi-Fi

WiFuture SuperSoaker

| AirTight Networks is armed with Wi-Fi of the future, and blasting the message out through social media.  | Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be a disconnect in the Wi-Fi industry whereby vendors build and sell their products based on hardware capabilities, tech specs, and geeky feature sets while customers ultimately… Read More

11 Commandments of Wi-Fi Decision Making

Wi-Fi Commandments

Are you considering new Wi-Fi deployment or upgrade of legacy system? Then you should be prepared to navigate the maze of multiple decision factors given that Wi-Fi bake-offs increasingly require multi-faceted evaluation. Follow these 11 “C”ommandments to navigate the Wi-Fi decision tree: Cost Complexity Coverage Capacity Capabilities Channels Clients Cloud Controller 11aC, and last but not least… Read More