Third time’s NOT the charm for Cisco’s adaptive WIPS (aWIPS)

Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers Wireless Intrusion Prevention System Denial of Service Vulnerability

By Hemant Chaskar Can you beleive it? – yet another alert came out about a vulnerability in Cisco’s WIPS (adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System or aWIPS as Cisco likes to call it): Cisco Warns of Vulnerabilities in Wireless LAN Controllers by Mike Lennon Managing Editor at Security Week Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers Wireless Intrusion Prevention System… Read More

How AirTight’s new network+security console tames distributed Wi-Fi

AirTight UI

As Wi-Fi deployments extend into large distributed environments, management of these Wi-Fi networks poses unique challenges. It could be the clinic-wide deployment for the medical facility running into 100’s of sites, branch-wide deployment for the bank running into 1000’s of sites, or store-wide deployment for the fast food restaurant running into 10,000’s sites. The network… Read More