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WLAN Pros Europe: Hang Out With AirTight Experts

July 21st, 2014

WLAN Pros is coming to Europe! As Keith Parsons (the conference’s chair and founder) puts it, “the Wireless LAN Professionals EU Summit consists of three days of fun, great topics, awesome gear, and wonderful networking.”

wlan-pros-europeAnd we are excited to have two of our technical gurus – Allen Walker out of the UK and Rick Farina from the US - presenting. As luck would have it, the organizers put the two sessions in the same time slot, so unless the attendees are completely slacking, they won’t be able to avoid both Rick and Allen at the conference.

What will they be speaking on?

Trials and Tribulations from a Wi-Fi and WIPS Deployment for a Global Distributed Enterprise

Allen Walker – Wednesday, 15 October, 10 am – 11 am

In this session Allen will discuss the lessons learned from a Wi-Fi and WIPS deployment in over 1200 locations spanning five continents. Allen will address the challenges faced in managing a rollout of this scale – across multiple geographies and different network management philosophies, and dealing with greenfield and incumbent vendor scenarios.

Allen will review challenges in remote planning and troubleshooting, and will also share the best practices in working with distributed IT teams. Join the session to learn from his experience, and marvel at the battle scars!

allen-walkerAllen Walker is a wireless professional with 25 years of experience. He has worked in IT across multiple industries, including local government, finance and education, deploying wired and wireless networks. Allen holds Cisco CCNA, ICRC, ACRC (yes really that old) certifications. He heads up AirTight’s EMEA technical team and is currently working on his CWNP certifications. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter (@AirTight_Allen)


Wireless Hacking 201: Protecting Your Data in the Mobile World

Rick Farina – Wednesday, 15 October, 10 am – 11 am

Rick Farina will guide you through his forensic research into recent wide-spread Wi-Fi attacks. These attacks only need a few seconds to take hold of your data, and can happen in a coffee shop, at the airport, in your corporate office, or when you are walking down the street.

Rick will share tips and tricks on protecting not just your core infrastructure, but the client devices which are the target of hackers’ recent (and effective) attacks. You will learn new security best practices to protect your data from exploits happening today, so you are not in the headlines tomorrow.

rick_farinaRick Farina is a senior wireless security researcher at AirTight Networks. During daylight hours, he works with AirTight’s most security conscious customers – in government, finance, and healthcare. As the sun fades from the sky, Rick spends his time in the dark corners of the internet researching wireless vulnerabilities and helping organize security and hacking conventions to share knowledge with the community. Connect with Rick on LinkedIn and on Twitter (@RickLikesWIPS)


Will you be attending?

We heard that the inaugural WLAN Pros Summit in the US sold out. So don’t miss your chance and register. The registration fee includes hotel and some meals. Plus you are guaranteed “awesome networking” with our own Allen and Rick.

To view the full agenda of the event, click on the image below:


Thanks to the Summit’s organizers – Keith Parson and Evert Bopp - for including Allen and Rick in the speaker lineup!

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11 Commandments of Wi-Fi Decision Making

September 4th, 2013


Are you considering new Wi-Fi deployment or upgrade of legacy system? Then you should be prepared to navigate the maze of multiple decision factors given that Wi-Fi bake-offs increasingly require multi-faceted evaluation.


Follow these 11 “C”ommandments to navigate the Wi-Fi decision tree:


  1. Cost

  2. Wi-Fi CommandmentsComplexity

  3. Coverage

  4. Capacity

  5. Capabilities

  6. Channels

  7. Clients

  8. Cloud

  9. Controller

  10. 11aC, and last but not least …

  11. seCurity!


|hemant C tweet


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