Suddenly, Everyone Attacks Monetization – Wi-Fi Offload Summit, Day 1

Monitize Tree

The Wi-Fi Offload Summit is taking place in Palo Alto through today, June 19. Lots of interesting perspectives on what Wi-Fi offload is, Wi-Fi monetization and how to go about it, along with privacy discussions and the future of mobile network operators. The number of solutions (and vendors) in the Wi-Fi monetization space seem to… Read More

Wi-Fi Offload Summit: Who Will Monetize Your Brand?

Making Money with Wifi

With the theme of “Monetize Thyself!” AirTight speakers will tackle issues of real-time business intelligence, user engagement and creating value from Wi-Fi investments. Update: Please see our recap of Day 1: Suddenly, Everyone Attacks Wi-Fi Monetization.   In today’s environment even the non-traditional telecom companies are jumping into the big data and monetization fray, as… Read More