How Long Will Wi-Fi Protect You from Carrier Monetization Programs?

Do Carriers Track You?

In the last couple of weeks, several reports on carriers’ plans and practices to track and analyze their mobile web traffic caught the attention of consumers and privacy watchers.

According to media reports, US and international carriers are experimenting with inserting unique identifiers into the data traffic flowing between your smart phone and websites you visit.   Read more

Suddenly, Everyone Attacks Monetization – Wi-Fi Offload Summit, Day 1

Monitize Tree

The Wi-Fi Offload Summit is taking place in Palo Alto through today, June 19. Lots of interesting perspectives on what Wi-Fi offload is, Wi-Fi monetization and how to go about it, along with privacy discussions and the future of mobile network operators. The number of solutions (and vendors) in the Wi-Fi monetization space seem to… Read More

Wi-Fi Offload Summit: Who Will Monetize Your Brand?

Making Money with Wifi

With the theme of “Monetize Thyself!” AirTight speakers will tackle issues of real-time business intelligence, user engagement and creating value from Wi-Fi investments. Update: Please see our recap of Day 1: Suddenly, Everyone Attacks Wi-Fi Monetization.   In today’s environment even the non-traditional telecom companies are jumping into the big data and monetization fray, as… Read More