Why SON May Be SDN Made For Wireless


Is there a path for wireless SDN to come to enterprise Wi-Fi? LTE has architected something called SON (Self-Organizing Network), which has SDN-like concepts – but applied to the wireless side of the network.   Read more

How Long Will Wi-Fi Protect You from Carrier Monetization Programs?

Do Carriers Track You?

In the last couple of weeks, several reports on carriers’ plans and practices to track and analyze their mobile web traffic caught the attention of consumers and privacy watchers.

According to media reports, US and international carriers are experimenting with inserting unique identifiers into the data traffic flowing between your smart phone and websites you visit.   Read more

iOS8 MAC Randomization – Analyzed!

iOS8 MAC Randomization – Analyzed! via blog.airtightnetworks.com

In June of this year, at WWDC#14 Apple announced that the Wi-Fi scanning behavior of their devices would change starting with iOS8. They would start using randomized and locally administrated MAC addresses in the probing state. The touted rationale was that such an approach would hide the real MAC addresses of the device and make Wi-Fi device MAC based analytics difficult. Apple made iOS8 generally available as part of their September 2014 launch. Accordingly, it was time for me to take out the packet sniffing gear and dig into the workings of randomized MACs (no pun intended here). Read on to find out how they work.   Read more

Showrooming Might Actually Be Good for Brick-and-Mortar Stores


Raise your hand if you have ever gone to a store to test a product or to try on a piece of clothing, then ordered it online, from home, for a cheaper price. Or, if you have compared prices and purchased online, right from your mobile device, right there in the store. If your hand is up, you are guilty of showrooming. This makes you part of a serious problem being faced by traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This recent infographic, created by 360pi, a price intelligence and competitor monitoring company, reveals, among other statistics, that showrooming is costing U.S. retailers $217 billion in lost sales and 35% of Americans regularly engage in it.   Read more

How to implement BYOD with Wi-Fi / WIPS assist

Monitor new devices entering Wi-Fi

| Wi-Fi has become the de facto access medium for smart mobile devices in enterprise networks. Sitting at the edge of the network, Wi-Fi can assist greatly in implementing secure and disciplined BYOD in these networks. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to BYOD management in the enterprise. However, from my experiences working with Wi-Fi and… Read More

Not Your Mom’s Shopping List

Not Your Mother's Shopping List

Today’s shopping list bears little resemblance to my mom’s; it is digital, easily storeable and modifiable, mobile and social. It can be created at home online while viewing items on sale from a retail vendor’s website, or created on a mobile device.   Read more