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  • Winners will be selected at random and will be announced no later than the week of July 7.

Meanwhile, check out our post: Why does EdTech Need Wi-Fi? And How FCC Aims to Help with the recap of submissions, and new developments on how how the FCC plans to close E-rate’s “Wi-Fi gap”

Original post follows: 

Not at ISTE 2014? Not a problem! We still have awesome swag for you!

We have a selection of cool items, including #MojoWireless t-shirts (pictured below), AirTight water bottles and AirTight down vests. Fall will be here before you know it!

Grand prize is Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth wireless speaker for your home or office.


Here are the submissions. Cool ideas!

First winners

Below are the first six entries (the last two were a virtual tie, so we expanded our guaranteed prizes to 6). Click on the tweets below to connect with these #NotAtISTE14 tweeps:
iste-ryan   iste-chris-casal     #notatiste contest entry   iste-craig   iste-suzanne


Your prize comes with a bottle of #MojoMoonshine where permissible by law :-)

Mojo Moonshine, exclusively from AirTight Networks

Mojo Moonshine, exclusively from AirTight Networks.

 Mojo Moonshine works like magic! (Similar to our easiest and most secure Wi-Fi on the planet)

Please enter and spread the word!

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