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SIMFI: Convert your cell phone into a WiFi honeypot!

February 16th, 2010

My previous post “WiFi Hots(Honey)pots Go Mobile” (http://blog.airtightnetworks.com/wireless-security-mobile-hotspot/) talked about Palm Pre/Pixi Plus going the hot(honey)pot way.

SIMFI is equally cool – it can convert your cell phone into a hotspot. SIMFI is of the size of a SIM card and has WLAN modem built into it. It can be pretty much used with any phone. Check out http://www.techchee.com/2010/02/13/simfi-wifi-integrated-sim-card-turns-your-cellphone-into-a-wifi-hspa-router/ .

I am looking forward to get my hands onto one of these.

So, looks people don’t need to carry APs anymore to mess around with enterprise security :)

K N Gopinath

K N Gopinath (Gopi) has more than a decade of experience that spans across multiple domains – systems, networks and security. His core competencies include technology innovation, product engineering and team building. As the Director of Engineering at AirTight, he drives the delivery of the wireless security products in a fast paced and highly dynamic environment. Gopi has several patents and technical publications to his credit.

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