Third time’s NOT the charm for Cisco’s adaptive WIPS (aWIPS)

Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers Wireless Intrusion Prevention System Denial of Service Vulnerability

By Hemant Chaskar Can you beleive it? – yet another alert came out about a vulnerability in Cisco’s WIPS (adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System or aWIPS as Cisco likes to call it): Cisco Warns of Vulnerabilities in Wireless LAN Controllers by Mike Lennon Managing Editor at Security Week Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers Wireless Intrusion Prevention System… Read More

Wireless IDS/IPS horror stories from the field

Security Horror Stories

These are some recent stories of the IT organizations who brought in wireless intrusion prevention systems (WIPS) to secure their network environments against Wi-Fi vulnerabilities and attacks, and what they encountered was the incessant flow of security alerts that they could not keep up with. That is because, the systems constantly crunched signatures and thresholds from wireless… Read More