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AirTight Demos on Demand and WFD5

July 31st, 2013


IDC’s recent IT Buyer Experience Survey reveals that “45% of the buying decision is made before your potential buyer even says “hello” to your sales rep.” and “buyers are more knowledgeable and connected”.

If you’re still in the investigation stage (as suggested by the IDC survey) and not quite ready for a customized personal demo with an AirTight expert, you might want to check out the first three installments in our Demos on Demand series.


Airtight Demos on Demand


Demos on Demand serves the communication needs of tech vendors and resellers across vertical industries with its video platform and content library.  Airtight is excited to leverage this innovative platform to present in depth product information to assists buyers by showing what our product is, what it does, and how it does it. 

Sean Blanton, senior systems engineer for the US Western region is featured in the first three installments of our Demos on Demand series.  Sean joined the AirTight team in early 2013.  He’s a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH).

As the title of the first video implies, in ”Quick Installation Guide“, Sean begins with a discussion and then goes through a step-by-step walk-through of the Airtight Wi-Fi installation process.  After a brief introduction, he covers the management console and its HTML5 GUI access, and then moves into location and configuration settings.

quick installation guide image 

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi for the Distributed Enterprise is the second video from the series.  After a brief architectural overview, Sean covers 6 main sections: Location-based Management, Enterprise Wi-Fi, Guest and Social Wi-Fi, Device Templates, Devices, and Wi-Fi Analytics and Reports.


cloud managed 

The third video focuses on WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System). In this video, Sean gives a quick introduction in which he touches on: WIPS Overview, Information about Wireless Threats, and AirTight Marker Packet™ Techniques. This introduction is followed by an AirTight WIPS demonstration.



Once you’ve gone through these 3 videos, if you still have questions and want to know more, feel free to sign up for a customized personal demo with an AirTight expert.

If you have comments on how we can make these videos better, please don’t hesitate to pass along your suggestions.  We’re in the process of  recording other videos and can incorporate your feedback to make them even better.


Wireless Field Day 5


While we’re on the subject of demos, on August 8th between 8 and 10 am PT, you can watch Airtight present from Wireless Field Day 5 on this page

Sean Blanton will be joined by  Pravin Bhagwat – CTO, Hemant Chaskar - VP Technology and Innovation, Anthony Paladino – VP Global Technical Services, Kaustubh Phanse – Chief Evangelist, and David King – CEO.  Be sure to tune in for an opportunity at some techie giveaways. Follow @Airtight and the WFD5 delegates on Twitter as we’re talking SMAC from WFD5.

You might want to check out the following blog articles that were recently published as a lead up to WFD5:


Not only are we pumped about next week’s event, we’re already planning for the next one!  In case you can’t make it on August 8th, you’ll be able to find Airtight in the WFD5 archives.


Additional Information:

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Different Shades of Cloud Wi-Fi: Rebranded, Activated, Managed

February 10th, 2013

Did you know that all cloud Wi-Fi’s aren’t created equal?


The race is on to put cloud in Wi-Fi

Currently, the cloud managed Wi-Fi space is expanding rapidly. Naturally, Wi-Fi vendors, traditional and emerging, want to be in the cloud Wi-Fi game. Nobody wants to be without a “cloud” solution!  Controller-less Wi-Fi vendors have explicitly built cloud managed Wi-Fi from the ground up, while controller Wi-Fi incumbents have repositioned traditional offerings in the direction of cloud Wi-Fi.

The word “cloud” in the name doesn’t tell the whole story, one has to dig deeper. Here’s why.

When vendors associate the word cloud with their Wi-Fi solutions, they can be referring to completely different things. This is quite apparent in light of some recent developments.
Controllers over WAN REBRANDED as Cloud

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How AirTight’s new network+security console tames distributed Wi-Fi

January 14th, 2013

As Wi-Fi deployments extend into large distributed environments, management of these Wi-Fi networks poses unique challenges. It could be the clinic-wide deployment for the medical facility running into 100’s of sites, branch-wide deployment for the bank running into 1000’s of sites, or store-wide deployment for the fast food restaurant running into 10,000’s sites. The network and security management needs for such deployments are very different from the traditional campus Wi-Fi. Accordingly, the network management console has to deliver on a number of fronts. Read more…

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Is your cloud Wi-Fi genuine, or is it controller over WAN imitation?

November 7th, 2012

With rising popularity of the cloud Wi-Fi in the distributed Wi-Fi deployments, there is also an attempt to pass off the legacy controller technology as the cloud Wi-Fi by deploying conventional controllers over the WAN. Realizing that it is infeasible to deploy many smaller controllers in the distributed Wi-Fi deployments such as retail, remote offices, etc., the controller over WAN architecture deploys bigger controllers at the HQ and calls it a cloud Wi-Fi. However, the controller over WAN Wi-Fi does not measure up to the true cloud Wi-Fi for many reasons as outlined below. We will use example of Cisco’s controller over WAN architecture to illustrate these differences. Earlier, Cisco called it H-REAP and ELM, now it calls it FlexConnect, but does changing terminology get controllers to measure up to the true cloud? Let us find out. Read more…

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3 things to consider in selecting 3×3:3 MIMO Wi-Fi access points

October 18th, 2012

Currently, market is inundated with announcements from vendors on 3-stream MIMO APs. Sure enough AirTight has also launched one being at the forefront of Wi-Fi technology. But what sticks out of some of those announcements is lopsided mention of high speed wireless connectivity, even to the extent of misleading claim of 900 Mbps for the dual radio 3-stream APs albeit with a sneaky word “upto” before the number. While connectivity speed is important consideration (actually now a commodity available out of 3-stream Wi-Fi chipsets), that consideration alone does not help to come up with a good game plan for deploying 3-stream Wi-Fi. A more holistic thinking taking into account real world performance, security, and next generation Wi-Fi architecture is required when selecting 3-stream MIMO APs. Read more…

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