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Android found vulnerable to sidejacking!

May 18th, 2011

Last Friday, a vulnerability in Google’s ClientLogin Protocol was disclosed that makes most Android users vulnerable to ”sidejacking.” All services (Calender, Contacts, Picasa, Stock Quotes, etc.) that use the Google’s ClientLogin API for “Auto Sync” are vulnerable. 

Sidejacking (aka session hijacking) is not new to Wi-Fi. Firesheep that caused a stir last October is a recent example of a tool demonstrating sidejacking attack against Twitter and Facebook. The latest vulnerability though holds significance given the huge userbase of Android smartphones commonly using their smartphones at Open Wi-Fi hotspots. Read more…

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Wi-Fi Insecurity Wrap-up for 2010

December 27th, 2010

The year 2010 witnessed continued growth in the enterprise WiFi deployments. The growth was fueled by the latest 802.11n revision to WiFi technology in the late 2009 and ready availability of WiFi in most consumer electronic devices launched in 2010, including the smart phones, printers, scanners, cameras, tablets, TVs, etc. The year 2010 also witnessed popularity of the specialized WiFi centric devices, such as MiFi.

However, the year 2010 also has some major WiFi security revelations/incidents in its kitty, which re-emphasize the continued need for adoption of the best practices for secure Wi-Fi deployment/usage. Here is the run-down on significant WiFi insecurity events which we witnessed in 2010:

  • Windows 7 virtual WiFi can turn a machine into a soft Rogue, which took Rogue AP thinking to a new level beyond the commercially available AP hardware.
  • Insecurity exposed due to MiFi like devices after the WiFi malfunction was experienced at two major trade shows in 2010 due to these devices – the first one was Google’s first public demo of Google TV and second was iPhone 4 launch at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Though this manifested as performance problem, it did show how easy it had become to set up personal HoneyPot AP or Hotspot AP on enterprise premises. Read more…

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Hilarious video with a somber message

February 24th, 2010

Much has been said about using ‘Best Practices’ alone to secure enterprise WiFi, including no-WiFi policy. However, as security experts will vouch, most breaches happen because of naive insiders.

Here is a hilarious video that demonstrates the lack of understanding out there regarding WiFi –

Imagine such a person as your employee and ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Can you expect all your employees to follow the prescribed WiFi best practices?
  2. Can you be confident that such a person will not connect to a neighboring hotspot, just because his or her desk has spotty WiFi coverage?
  3. Can you be certain that such a person will not bring in a ‘Linksys’ as advised by the radio host; and plug it into the ethernet under the desk and create a Rogue AP?
  4. Can you be certain that this person will not connect to both the WiFi and Ethernet at the same time while connected to the hotspot?

If these questions are hard to answer, you must consider Wireless Intrusion Prevention System!

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