Blackhat Wi-Fi Security Reports and Nuances of Detection Methods

blackhat USA 13

| Shortly following the conclusion of Blackhat’13, a few articles came out reporting wireless scanning data from the venue.   Inside the Black Hat 2013 Wi-Fi Network   Karma is a …Errr, What We Learned at BlackHat 2013    Both reports state that many security relevant events were detected in the Wi-Fi traffic during the… Read More

Cisco’s recent acquisition shows exciting times ahead for the lead players in the cloud Wi-Fi space

Cloud Wi-Fi space

Barely two weeks after I posted my last blog discussing benefits of the true cloud Wi-Fi over the controller over WAN architecture using Cisco FlexConnect as example for the latter; news of Cisco acquiring Meraki broke out. I got a kick out of it since it showed that my inferences on Cisco FlexConnect and other… Read More