Bang for the buck with explicit beam forming in 802.11ac

Bang for the buck with explicit beam forming in 802.11ac

  802.11ac has brought with it MIMO alphabet soup … spatial streams, space-time streams, explicit beam forming, CSD, MU-MIMO. Alphabet soup triggers questions to which curious mind seeks answers. This post is an attempt to explore some questions surrounding explicit beam forming (E-BF) that is available in Wave-1 of 802.11ac. E-BF is a mechanism to manipulate… Read More

MU-MIMO: The path from standardization to implementation

Practical implementation aspects of MU-MIMO

In earlier blog posts on 802.11ac practical considerations, we reviewed 80 MHz channels, 256 QAM and 5 GHz migration. Continuing the 802.11ac insights series, in this post we will look at some practical aspects of MU-MIMO, which is the star attraction of the impending Wave-2 of 802.11ac.   MU-MIMO mechanics and 802.11ac standard   At a high level, MU-MIMO allows… Read More

3 things to consider in selecting 3×3:3 MIMO Wi-Fi access points

Currently, market is inundated with announcements from vendors on 3-stream MIMO APs. Sure enough AirTight has also launched one being at the forefront of Wi-Fi technology. But what sticks out of some of those announcements is lopsided mention of high speed wireless connectivity, even to the extent of misleading claim of 900 Mbps for the… Read More