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WIPS complements MDM security by blocking personal smart devices

May 27th, 2011

With the explosive growth of smart devices in the enterprise, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a hot topic among IT departments these days.  In order to secure the network and protect sensitive data on mobile endpoints, many organizations are deploying tools to secure, monitor, and manage smart devices accessing their networks.  Installing an MDM agent on mobile assets gives the IT department the ability to enforce VPNs, remotely wipe data off stolen/lost devices, and ensure that devices under management by the IT staff are running the most current and secure applications.

But is this really enough to protect you?

No.  In today’s “BYOD” (bring your own device) culture, the reality is that personal smart devices will continue to attach to your network. These devices may not have your favorite MDM agents running on them, thus exposing your network and data to security threats again.  Enterprises need a “gatekeeper” control to ensure that only approved devices with an installed MDM agent can attach to the corporate network. By adding a strong WIPS solution to your enterprise security portfolio, you will have the ability to enforce such control and complete your mobile security strategy.

A robust wireless IPS solution (WIPS) will detect, identify and locate unauthorized smart devices connecting to the network, generate a real time alert or even better – block those unmanaged devices from connecting in the first place.  Better yet, a good WIPS will allow you to define your security policy by device type, VLAN, and location.  For example, iPhones could be allowed to connect to the guest network for Internet access, but could still be blocked from accessing the internal network.

Watch this technical webinar for more information.

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Is Obama Right – Cyber Security in Private Enterprise Is a Homeland Security Issue

June 1st, 2009

Do you believe that IT security in private enterprise is a national security issue? I do and would love to hear your thoughts. You might want to take a look at the Airport WiFi and Financial District wireless vulnerability studies that AirTight performed recently to see just how badly some organizations are following b est practices when it comes to wireless security.
It appears that in some quarters folks felt that the President did not tell us anything we did not know in his speech on Friday about cyber security.  I think we need to understand, however, that the key phrase there is “anything WE did not know.”  At times we who work in technology live in a bubble and assume that everyone understands what we understand.  But technology or cyber security is our business – it is not the core business of the financial institution, the hospital, the school, the utility etc. Read more…

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