What’s Under the Hood in Wi-Fi Analytics

What’s ‘Under the Hood’ in Retail Wi-Fi Analytics | Webinar

Our security researchers recently took a look at Apple’s iOS8 MAC randomization feature. It was touted by Apple for its ability to protect consumer privacy from persistent Wi-Fi tracking, but turned out to be of limited usability as currently implemented. With all the interest in privacy features, we thought we’d give you a look at what’s ‘under the hood’ in retail Wi-Fi analytics in our upcoming webinar (available on-demand).   Read more

AirTight Networks Honored with Two Industry Awards

Cloudys Award for AirTight with Frontera

AirTight Networks was honored with two industry awards for Cloud Wi-Fi, and Social & Analytics. AirTight won a 2014 Cloudys Cloud Channel Innovation Award and a Gold status from 2014 Golden Bridge Awards. Both awards were announced on September 8, 2014.   Read more

Enchantment is The New Black #WFD7


A guest blog by Drew Lentz (@Wirelessnerd) of Frontera Consulting

My first real interaction with AirTight Networks came after watching the presentations at Wireless Field Day 6. There was an offer made to get a free AP/Sensor by signing up, so I did. After receiving the device, it sat on the floor of my office for a few weeks; until we had a Wi-Fi outage at a restaurant my wife is a partner in. I was asked to fix the outage, but not go overboard; what better way than with a demo AP, right? I installed the app, fired it up, configured the cloud services and it was online.

The first feature that stuck out to me was the Social Media login feature. One of the problems that plagued us at the restaurant, and is a pain in the neck for a number of different places, is providing secured Wi-Fi to your guests, while handing out a key that only allow customer access.   Read more

Free Wi-Fi is a Win-Win for Retail Marketers and Customers

Customers want free wi-fi

Retailers have long battled the dual pressures of online shopping and congested marketing channels just to get people to walk through their door. Now showrooming has moved the war inside the store, as a fragile economy combined with the ubiquity of mobile devices has created a savvy new breed of consumers who use their smartphones… Read More

The Retail Revival: Re-Imagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism

The Retail Revival

Canadian Doug Stephens, founder of “Retail Prophet” is the author of this groundbreaking new book. I read the retail futurist’s book, The Retail Revival, soon after it was released in February 2013.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s a sobering wake-up call for all retail professionals and offers them prescriptions for what to focus on in… Read More