Year of the Horse: Wi-Fi and Security Thought Leadership

2014 Year of the Horse

In the 1st part of a 2 part blog series, we reflect on the Year of the Horse and 2014. In the second installment, we look ahead to 2015 and the Year of the Goat.   Read more

Is a strong inner layer of defense needed for robust wireless security?

Wireless Security Posture is relatively weak when both WLAN and WIPS are sourced from the same vendor

When talking about wired security, enterprise IT administrators talk about multiple layers of defense such as internet firewalls, VPNs, admission control, email filtering, content filtering, web application scanning and many others. However, when considering the security of a wireless network, the same enterprise IT administrators are content with the basic security provided as a part of wireless LAN infrastructure by vendors such as Cisco Systems and Aruba Networks. This is a flawed security practice.

A Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) must be installed as a strong inner layer of defense when hackers penetrate the basic security built into the wireless LAN infrastructure. Additionally, the WIPS and the WLAN infrastructure should be sourced from different vendors to ensure non-overlapping weaknesses and hence, strong security. A WIPS combined with WLAN infrastructure from different vendors enables a strong wireless security posture for an organization.
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AirTight on Wired/Wireless Security at HP Technology Forum

AirTight’s director of technology joins HP ProCurve executives for two informative sessions at the HP Technology Forum in Las Vegas June 15-18, 2009, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Session: Wired/Wireless Management Speakers: Dr. Hemant Chaskar, Director of Technology, AirTight Networks, Carl Blume, HP This session offers timely advice for managing wireless and integrated wired/wireless… Read More

For Secure WiFi, Focus on Addressing Building Block Vulnerabilities …

… and Don’t Sweat Chasing Hacking Tool Signatures!   You feel pretty good and more secure when you receive that daily signature update from your anti-virus software. I feel the same and why not – anti-virus technology is fundamentally rooted in signature analysis. But don’t make the mistake of applying the same metric to wireless… Read More