3 Trends Impacting Wireless PCI Compliance

Wireless PCI Compliance

This is part two of the three-part blog series dedicated to wireless PCI, which is a hot topic for retailers and other enterprises that accept payment cards. We look at 802.11ac, IoT and new network requirements, all of which create challenges for compliance and security officers. But the impact is not limited to just security personnel. IT and marketing, while focused on efficiencies and customer engagement, should also learn about wireless threats and trends. Brand protection is a team effort!

Read on for the in-depth look into the trends that impact wireless PCI compliance.
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Google Project Fi – New Era for Mobile Technology?

Google Project Fi

I view Google Project Fi as a disruptor, from both technology and business model standpoint, for three reasons:
1) For the first time, we are witnessing a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) piggybacking on multiple major national mobile carrier networks, in this case Sprint and T-Mobile.
2) And for the first time again, an operator is successfully marrying the cellular and Wi-Fi network in a fashion that has not been done before on this scale, at the same time being completely transparent and seamless to the end user
3) If Google Project Fi manages to seamlessly transfer (roam) both voice and data sessions from one carrier to another, that’s again another industry first.   Read more