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Suddenly, Everyone Attacks Monetization – Wi-Fi Offload Summit, Day 1


The Wi-Fi Offload Summit is taking place in Palo Alto through today, June 19. Lots of interesting perspectives on what Wi-Fi offload is, Wi-Fi monetization and how to go about it, along with privacy discussions and the future of mobile network operators.


See Anthony’s presentation on SlideShare

The number of solutions (and vendors) in the Wi-Fi monetization space seem to have exploded in the last 18 months. There are options for

  • Pure-play Wi-Fi presence analytics
  • Pure-play social engagement
  • Social engagement integrated with Wi-Fi and social media monitoring focused on SMBs (similar to what our partner Frontera Consulting is doing in this space)
  • AirTight’s approach of integrating Wi-Fi, presence analytics, brand engagement and compliance/security

Antony Paladino, AirTight’s president of technology services, focused his session on “unconventional engagement” – using Wi-Fi to connect communities, develop company culture, and, yes, fight crime!

See the presentation below on SlideShare:

As Hemant Chaskar put it it’s all about doing more with Wi-Fi:


If you are reading this post on June 19, you can still catch the tail end of the Summit on Twitter by following the #WiFiSummit hashtag.

Ksenia Coffman

Ksenia Coffman

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