Wi-Fi vulnerabilities exposed in Today Show video


Interesting piece on Wi-Fi security on the Today Show this morning. The Today Show aired a piece called “Is your Wi-Fi connection safe?”
The story shows war driving through a residential neighborhood to show that many residential Wi-Fi users still deploy their wi-fi devices without passwords, leaving their connections vulnerable to eavesdropping.

One common Wi-Fi security threat highlighted in this report showed just  how easy it is for a hacker to intercept the connection of mobile users connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi in places like a coffee shop, airport, etc. This is not the first time this subject has been covered. See simlar stories by CNN (August 11, 2009), Fox News (July 12, 2009).

The Today Show should have also included in their report the fact that many Windows based computers cache and probe for previously used wi-fi connections, making users even more vulerable because their computer may be connecting without the users knowledge to a hacker posing as an unsecured hotspot. See the story by Forbes (November 2008).

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Mike Baglietto

Mike is responsible for product marketing at AirTight and oversees the inside sales team and lead generation. He is a veteran of the Silicon Valley high tech industry with 20 years of experience in product marketing, sales and technical account management. Prior to joining AirTight, Mike held the position of senior product marketing manager for data protection services at eVault. Before eVault, Mike held senior product marketing positions at Quest Software, Keynote Systems, SBE, Inc., NetManage and Software Publishing Corporation.
Mike holds a BA in International Relations from the University of California, Davis.

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